The difference between male enhancement straps and sleeves

There are different reasons why some men are not satisfied with the size of their manhood but more often than not they could be having a woman who demands for more in terms of size. A visit to the doctor will see them getting a recommendation for either penis straps or penis sleeves and some men do not know why they should choose one over the other. It is therefore important that you know the difference between these two male enhancement devices.

Penis straps

Penis straps are actually a device that comes as part of the penis extender with the strap being the solitary component of it where the head of your penis is placed. The device works by applying pressure on the penis with the assistance of several screws that are adjustable while the strap itself holds the glans of your penis tightly which makes it expand. There are basically two types of male enhancement straps with the older version being in the form of a noose. The makers used materials that are flexible like silicone that hold the penis securely. The modern versions have improved greatly on that and they are actually made wider in order to distribute the exerted pressure evenly.

Penis sleeves

Male enhancement straps

Male enhancement sleeves on the other hand resemble jackets that are used to cover the entire penis shaft so that they apply some pressure on the penis in order to stimulate growth. The penis sleeve originally entered the market as a device to assist in masturbation. These devices are shaped like larger penises of beer cans. Some modern penis sleeves are actually shaped like vaginas with their inner walls lined with materials that resemble the inside of the vaginal canal. The makers have nowadays improvised the devices such that they have some penis enlargement properties.

Choosing between the two

Most men wonder what they should choose between these two male enhancement devises so that they get to achieve their goals faster and better. When you look at the pros and the cons of both the penis strap and penis sleeves it appears more practical to choose the use of the latter. Looking at the two you will realize that the straps are specifically made for the purpose of enhancing the size of your penis while the sleeve was originally designed for stimulation purposes. The so called male enhancement sleeves appear to be specifically designed for men who want to have a quick one night stand on their own. The penis strap on the other hand can actually help you gain an inch or two in length or even some girth.


Since penis straps are considered the better choice for men who want to increase the size of their penis, you only need to be careful to choose the more modern versions which are more comfortable. With the newer devices you can actually stay with it for up to 14 hours without even feeling its presence and the best part of it is that you will find them in different sizes.

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