Facts about women and male enhancement

The modern view about sex and sexuality is an extremely interesting one with men and women having different views about what make it explosive. Men would be more concerned about the beauty of their women’s breast and their vaginas while women on the other side are concerned about the size of a man’s penis. There may be thousands of reports that prove that the size of a man’s penis may not really make a difference but thousands of women still believe that they can only derive more pleasure if their man was bigger at the cock.  There are different reasons why this is the case:

Fact #1 – Media concept

The foremost reason why women prefer men with longer penises is the concept created by the media. The media is awash with facts that cannot be proved about women’s dissatisfaction with male sizes. Those who watch porn cannot believe the sizes they see and they begin to wish that their men were equally bigger. In movies such as “Godfather”, Sonny’s wife becomes the envy of her lady’s friends when she describes the size of her husbands cock with two outstretched palms.

Fact #2 – Psychological hang ups 

Truth about male enhancement

Scientifically there is sufficient evidence to prove that when it comes to sexual satisfaction the length of the penis may not make such a big deal, perhaps the girth does and as such men who are concerned about male enhancement should actually care for the thickness. As far as women are concerned then the fact about penile enhancement is therefore a psychological issue. Things have been made worse by porn stars who go public about how longer penises are creating so much sexual excitement.

Fact #3 – Social pleasure

Another truth about male enhancement and why women put pleasure on men to have larger and longer penises has more to do with psychological and social pleasure than anything else. We live in a generation that has no qualms talking to friends about their sexual partners and their performance in the bedroom. Women will want to talk about every other issue to their lady friends and they all want to talk about how long and wide their men’s cock actually is.

Fact #4 – Women are different

Another fact about women and penile enlargement is that women are all different such that whereas some may crave for a man with longer penis even though it does not make a difference on how much pleasure they get, there are those who are satisfied with what they get. These appear to be personal matters and you should find out from your sexual partner what her preferences are.


If you have a woman who wants you to have a bigger penis, there are several options you have regarding how to get it bigger. There are numerous pills and supplements, penis extenders and pumps as well as numerous penis enhancement exercises. All you must do is to get clearance from your doctor that the method you want to use has a medical validation before you join the bandwagon.

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