Male Extra Review

# 3 MaleExtra rating

MaleExtra Ratings
Size Increase Power 85/100

Speed of Results 70/100

Ingredients 75/100

Safety 80/100

Customer’s Support 65/100

Overall 75/100

1 Year Supply $32.41 / bottle
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Male enhancement products have been flooding the market with some disappointment because of the mere fact that they promise but most do not deliver. It is good thing that Male Extra came into existence and we can say it deserves being in the list of the best male enhancement products in the market.

Male Extra came up with advertisements that make it more cognizable in the market. This gave it a chance to be at par with other products working for the said purpose. A natural male enhancement pill, it promises you better sex. What makes it even more astonishing is the fact that it is offered worldwide.

The Science Behind Male Extra

As with other products out there, we can say that Male Extra works due to the ingredients in the pack. The primary ingredient, L-arginine, is an amino acid that promotes better blood flow to the penis thus pressuring it to grow in terms of size. This then results to bigger and better erections. L-arginine is also known for its capacity to relax the penis by way of relaxing the muscles of the arteries surrounding the penis.

The Good in Male Extra

The product has tons of benefits to offer and the most important ones we can speak of are the following: (1) longer and more intense orgasms; (2) bigger, harder erections; and (3) no harmful side effects. You may also consider the fact that you get the PenisHealth DVD for free once you order Male Extra. This DVD provides details about exercises that particularly help with erectile dysfunction. This also teaches you to help increase the length of the penis. Exercises found in the DVD range from kegels to hanging and dry milking. These penile exercises are said to naturally enhance the penis together with the use of products such as Male Extra.

The manufacturer also gave the product with a 180-day money back guarantee which means you will get full refund once you are not satisfied with results. If you order the product for six months, you will only pay $156.75 and this even comes with 5 free bonuses. For a one-month supply, you have to pay $75.95.

The Bad in Male Extra

As was mentioned awhile back, the product contains L-arginine. It has 600 mg of this ingredient. It also contains pomegranate, a known antioxidant and Omega-3 fatty acid, which is good for the heart. The good thing to point out is that it does not contain Yohimbe, which is said to be a harmful additive in some male enhancement pills.

If there are other reasons not to like about Male Extra, that will boil down to the following facts: (1) It is not backed by clinical studies; (2) It misses out on a number of essential ingredients; and (3) There are no customer reviews of the products. This makes it quite different from VigRx Plus.

Our Verdict

Male Extra has its benefits and drawbacks but this should not be a sign of not even trying to use it. After all, the product can be used with its money back guarantee. Get the 6-month pack for only about $157 and enjoy the bonuses it provides.