The plain truth about male enhancement exercises

While most men want to do something about the size of their penis, very few will gather the courage to discuss such intimate matters with anyone else for fear of ridicule. For such men male enhancement exercises appear to be the best deal because it is something that can be done discreetly using your own hands in the privacy of your own house. You will not have to struggle with paraphernalia such as penis extenders or penis pumps. However, a few skeptical ones wonder whether these penis enlargement exercises are worth the effort and struggle you go through.

Effectiveness of exercises

So long as they are done as directed male enhancement exercises are actually quite effective. The most effective of these exercises are the ones whose focus is to open the spongy tissue cells so that they can increase their capacity of taking in blood that causes those rock hard erections. This causes your penis to become bigger when it is erect and eventually it will also become bigger in its flaccid state. It is however important to take note that there are penis enlargement exercises that may not be effective at all. This is because your penis does not have muscles like the rest of the body but has tissues that grow differently from muscles.

Safety of penis exercises

Male enhancement exercises

Most people take little cognizance of the need to pay it safe when doing male enhancement exercise because everything they are doing usually involves the use of their own hands. However, great care needs to be taken because when things are not done correctly there possibilities of injury occurring to your penis. Any tough unregulated exercises can very easily the delicate ligaments in your penis. It is important to remember to use sufficient lubrication so as to avoid damaging your skin through friction also. Penis enlargement exercise actually end up resembling masturbation and some people end up ejaculating in the process, should that happen you need to take a little time before resuming and that ends up reducing its effectiveness.


One positive thing about penis enlargement exercises has to do with affordability because you do not have to spend any amount of money at all. Perhaps the only amount of money you may need to spend would be for the purchase of a demonstration video or manual. This is much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on male enhancement devices or pills while doing any other method.


When all is said and done, it could be said that penis enlargement exercises are worth the effort you are going to spend on them so long as you learn to do them the correct way. If you don’t want to spend any money you could actually download free lessons from a number of internet sites. The only thing you will require is the privacy from where to try them out but you can be sure that even if you don’t succeed you will not have lost anything at all.

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