The most popular male enhancement techniques

Many men are tempted to do something about their perceived small penis size for many diverse reasons. Perhaps your woman wants to feel you more or you generally feel that you are smaller and could do better with a bigger cock. Whatever your reason for that desire there are several forms of male enhancement techniques that are available at your disposal and you have the freedom to choose what works best for you.

Penis enlargement pills

Penis pills are perhaps the commonest of all male enhancement techniques which are made from different herbal extracts. They work by altering the body’s hormonal balance such that they get to increase the flow of blood to your penile tissue. This increase in blood flow helps to push them as the fill up and in the process the penis gets to grow bigger. Some of the most effective herbal extracts used in penis enlargement pills include ginseng, saw palmetto, fennel, damiana and dong quai among others. All of these herbs have different effects in the process of boosting your pens size.

Penis traction devices

Male enhancement techniques

Also known as penis extenders these are perhaps the preferred male enhancement products of all time. The reason people prefer these device is perhaps because they provide visible results in about a week or so. The penis extenders have a set of rods that are tightened or loosened using screws. There is a noose or strap that is used to hold the glans securely at the head as pressure is applied to the penis shaft in order to increase blood flow. This enables the penis to increase in length and girth.

Penis pumps

The penis pump has been popular although it appears to be giving way to the new popular penis extenders. This one is composed of a spherical chamber where a person inserts the penis and a vacuum is created which forced the penis to expand and fill the void. As the penis expands to fill the void that was created it is forced to draw more blood into tits chambers and the penile tissue gets filled completely with blood. This in effect forces that penis to grow but great care needs to be taken while using the pump because misuse could cause damage to the delicate parts of your penile structure.

A short comparison

Penis extenders and penis pills appear to b eth male enhancement products of choice nowadays especially because they both can be used very discreetly. Vacuum pumps need to be used in much closed places. Penis extenders are preferred since they produce visible results in about a week or so which is quite a task when using penis enlargement pills. The penis pumps are the most cumbersome of these three methods and perhaps that is the reason why they have continued to lose their appeal.

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