Different types of male enhancement extenders

The available types of male enhancement extenders are basically divided on the way they grip the glans of your penis. There are some of these devices that make application of the traditional noose like procedure whereas more recent versions have a different arrangement that becomes more comfortable even as you wear it. The basic difference between these male enhancement devices is usually whether you would be interested in the noose of the comfort strap. There are a few things you need to know so that your choice becomes one that is based on factual information.

Penis extenders with a noose

Male enhancement devices

Just like the name indicates the male enhancement extender with a noose comes with a spherical silicone piece that holds your penis at its tip. It comes with screws which are used for adjustment of how much pressure you need on your cock. When you make any adjustments on the device the noose will firmly grab your head so that the tissue gets stretched accordingly.

Penis extenders with comfort straps

The comfort strap form in the other type of male enhancement extender does basically the same job as the noose even though it uses a slightly different principle. In the place of the noose there is a completely circular strap which is much wider and more comfortable and it therefore fits the entire head of your penis. When compared to the noose, using the comfort strap feels like one who holds the tip of their penis with all their fingers whereas the noose feels like you are holding it with a thin tight thread.

Choosing between the two options

There are several reasons why people prefer the penis extender with the comfort strap over the older version with the noose such as the following:

  1. Comfort: The comfort strap cannot be compared to the noose which is not only inconvenient but painful to use as well.
  2. Duration of use: From the mere fact that the noose is actually painful and uncomfortable to use, most men only wear it for between 2 -3 hours and they are done with it per session. On the other hand the penis extender with a comfort strap is so comfortable that one can use it for between 12 – 14 hours without any feelings of discomfort and pressure.
  3. Safety: The male enhancement extender with a noose may not be as safe as they come. Because of its rigidity there possibilities that when it is not placed well it could actually choke your penis head and even cause retention of blood in the penis shaft. Sometimes that great pressure over an extended amount of time may cause rupture of the penile tissues cells as well as internal bleeding. These may be rare occurrences but they can happen when the extender is not used in the proper way.

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